Oxxo cashier explains how to get a free 3-liter soft drink from Mediotiempo

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stores Oxxo They have become the favorite of many people for their accessibility and confidence, so The store tries to respond to this confidence with great offers Which usually changes every three weeks, but In many cases, these go unnoticed. to many clients.

Oxxo Promotions July and August 2022

So, the young man who works Cashier at Oxxo Was responsible for posting files Promotions usually launched by a self-service shopTo make it easier for customers to know about these offers.

Well, on this occasion, the young man revealed some Promotions related to alcoholic beveragesbut in one of them the possibility of taking you A soft drink 3 liters and an ice bag for free!

These offers are from July 14th to August 14th. Let’s start with tamarind smirnoff. The bottle is between 283 and 285, but if you add Sprite with three liters it comes out at 252, Saves you more than 30 pesos and take Sprite for free“.

How do you get a free soft drink and a bag of ice at Oxxo?

“Let’s move on to the absolute. Regular or Raspberry Absolut comes out at 312 and if you add pineapple juice and an ice pack it comes out at 298; You save the juice and the ice bag and they discount the bottle.

“Let’s go with Blue Tequila. This comes out at 249 and if you add a squirt and a bag of ice, it stays the same pricetake you free spray and a bag of ice,” details the young man.

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