Getting the new iPhone 14 Max since its launch will be more complicated than you can imagine

As rumored, Apple is planning to replace its iPhone 13 Mini model with the new 14 Max; This possibility kept the brand’s followers very attentive, making the release one of the most anticipated.

While the new 6.7-inch iPhone is one of the most anticipated, remember as show analyst Ross Young noted in a tweet posted for his Super Flowers, It’s possible that when it launches in September, getting the device will be somewhat complicated In the early days.

That’s because the new iPhone 14 Max display has a somewhat specific component, and while the size will be the same as the Pro Max version, the panels themselves will be different, and they lack ProMotion’s adaptive refresh rate technology. Of course, it will not have a double hole, but the well-known notch. However, the real drawback is that The supply of your paintings is not equal What the brand can expect in California, which puts Apple on watch in case it hopes to meet demand in the fall.

The most popular model will also be the most difficult

Differences between the new versions of iPhone 14

Differences between the new versions of iPhone 14

We recently learned through leaks, once again by Ross Young, the new screen dimensions Pioneer From Apple, including an analyst Displays He claimed that the iPhone 14 Max model will have a 6.7-inch panel, just like its older brother iPhone 14 Pro Max.

It is clear that due to various factors – among them a better enjoyment of multimedia content – a large part of consumers of the brand is looking for a device with a larger screen, but at the same time, not everyone can afford the Pro Max version, which, according to rumors about possible prices, will put Version 14 “Not Pro” about $300 less than the Pro Max version.

Such a significant difference in price will encourage consumers to choose the 6.7-inch Max version, which despite the fact that the characteristics of the Pro and Pro Max versions are quite different, the larger dimension of its panel will be attractive enough. To justify this action by most users. So if you’re hoping to get this version as soon as it’s available, you’ll have to battle the huge wave of users who are also demanding it, but if we also add the potential delay of the new 14 Max, it’s not so crazy to think that stock It’s also set to be sold out in no time.

Is the history of consumer delays repeating itself?

We’ve seen this with the release of the current iPhone 13, where on that occasion the issue of chip shortages and the inconvenience Texas Instruments had to supply its components caused many users to wait a month or more for access to their new devices. Something similar may happen with the new iPhone 14 Max, however, it is still too early to draw conclusions. So it remains only to wait for the release date to approach and see if production of this long-awaited release will be high enough to avoid a premature occurrence out of stock.

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