What does the brown heart icon mean in WhatsApp?

Emojis have become an essential part of internet users’ connection. Its importance is so great that every time WhatsApp is updated, incorporating new graphics becomes a trend.

The latest version – released in March of this year – was well received by the public, as it included very strange and specific emojis such as the pregnant man, melting faces, X-rays of ribs and even a bird’s nest filled with eggs.

Although the meaning of many of them may be obvious, there are pages dedicated to explaining what each symbol is used for and what the connotation is.

What does the brown heart symbol represent?

Within WhatsApp, emojis fall into eight categories: smiles, people, animals, nature, food and drinks, activities, travel, places and things, icons, and flags. All hearts are in the symbols section, along with zodiac signs, emergency signs, numbers and arrows.

According to the emoji site Emojipedia, this heart color has a close relationship with nature: it symbolizes the earth, the environment, and wood—the objects and places that actually have those colors—.

But beyond that, it is also an item that can be used to express the desire to start a family with the spouses. In addition, this can indicate the color of chocolate and the desire to give it to a close person.

This is the meaning of the other colors:

Red heart: expresses a couple’s love or romance.

Orange Heart: It is associated with the love that can exist between two friends.

Yellow heart: expresses pure and sincere love.

Purple Heart: It relates to forbidden or hidden love, it is specially intended for lovers.

Blue heart: means trust and security.

Green heart: related to health and nature.

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