The price of the dollar today, July 19: the exchange rate in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua …

U.S. dollar Relatively stable dawn.

Today starts with Global risk aversion declines after data on the US economy and comments from the Federal Reserve in United State (Federal Reserve), as it has been hinted that for its upcoming meeting, The increase in base points will be 75 and not 100 as was thought.

“At the hearing, little economic information was released globally and nothing relevant was published in Mexico and the United States, Therefore, movements in the exchange rate were a function of market sentiment and expectations regarding monetary policy in the United Statesshe expressed korean bank In a report prepared by TV newscasts.

Similarly, Ci Banco stated that Operators began to choose Possibility to increase 75 basis points, not 100 points What the vast majority expected after the inflation figure in the United States last week,” According to information collected by Money in the picture.

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The price of the dollar today, July 19: the exchange rate in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua …

next one, How much is the North American currency on Tuesday, July 19th, in Mexico and part of Central America according to the latest close Investing.comAnd the A recognized financial site with significant global impact.

  • Mexico: 20.4649 Mexican Peso (MXN)
  • Costa Rica: 682.98 Costa Rican Colon (CRC)
  • Guatemala: 7.7375 Quetzal (GTQ)
  • Honduras: 24.5876 Lamberas (HNL)
  • Nicaragua: 35.8550 Cordoba Gold (NIO)


  • Mexico: 20.3710 Mexican pesos | Yesterday: 20.4438 Mexican Pesos
  • Costa Rica: 677.82 CRC | Yesterday: 677.82 CRC
  • Guatemala: 7.7310 Quetzal | Yesterday: 7.7250 Quetzal
  • Honduras: 24.3796 lambiras | Yesterday: 24.3752 Lamberas
  • Nicaragua: 35.7100 golden cordoba | Yesterday: 35.7100 golden cordoba

a discount

  • Mexico: 20.3839 Mexican pesos | Yesterday: 20.4649 Mexican Pesos
  • Costa Rica: 688.15 Costa Rican colón | Yesterday: 688.15 CRC
  • Guatemala: 7.7340 Quetzal | Yesterday: 7,7500 quetzales
  • Honduras: 248000 lm | Yesterday: 24800 lm
  • Nicaragua: 360,000 Golden Cordoba | Yesterday: 36000 Cordoba of gold

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