Delta orders 100 Boeing 737 Max jets for $13.5 billion

US airline Delta announced Monday that it has placed a firm order for 100 Boeing 737 Max 10 aircraft at the UK’s Farnborough Air Show.

Demand, according to the Max 10 catalog, represents $13.5 billion And it’s a confidence booster for this device, which was frozen for months after two fatal accidents.

The agreement also provides for the option to purchase another 30 aircraft. Deliveries should start from 2025.

“The Boeing 737-10 will be an important addition to Delta’s fleet as we look to a more sustainable future for air traffic, with a superior customer experience, more efficient fuels and better performance,” said Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta. a permit.

Delta has so far been the only major US company to discontinue the MAX in its fleet.

The Max 10 is the latest version of Boeing’s single-aisle aircraft and has not yet been approved by the US civil aviation regulator, unlike its predecessors MAX8 and MAX9.

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