iPhone 14 could be $100 more than iPhone 13

More reports confirm that the iPhone 14 will be more expensive, and we’ll see if those predictions finally come true.

We’ve already heard many rumors about a possible price increase for the iPhone 14, so everything makes us expect that this is something that is likely to happen. The main absentee from these potential increases appears to be High prices of components and materials Insurance premiums, which ultimately affect the cost of manufacturing the device.

Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives revealed the sun That the company believes that “the iPhone 14 price increase is coming by $100”. “Prices have been rising throughout the supply chain, and Cupertino must pass these costs on to the consumer in this launch.” All this can lead to Increase up to $100 In the price of iPhone 14.

We think the iPhone 14 price increase is coming by $100

iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 aims for very high results (also in price)

Will the iPhone 14 price go up? Not everyone thinks the same

Ben Wood, another industry expert, takes a different stance. As revealed to the sun that a price increase is possible, Although Apple may decide to oppose it of this strategy.

There is no doubt that component and production costs continue to rise for all consumer electronics manufacturers, as do currency exchange rates. These items indicate that a price increase may be necessary.

However, Ben believes that Apple can assume this cost increase because the decision could be counterproductive. Users have less money in their pockets, so if you raise prices higher, you can sell far fewer devices.

But given the cost-of-living headwinds, Apple may decide that raising prices might backfire.

iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 may be much more expensive

It should be noted that in this new information, Dan Ives talks about iPhone 14 in general, not Pro models. Until now, we thought the initial iPhone 14 would have the same starting price as the iPhone 13, with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max being the ones that would see that price increase. Something logical, since the main novelties will focus on Pro models.

iPhone 14 will be disappointing compared to iPhone 14 Pro

We have no choice but to wait for Apple to introduce the iPhone 14 after the summer. It will also be necessary to find out if Apple raises the same price in all countries, the euro and the dollar are equal in value, which is not useful for European users.

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