Expert warns of a solar storm coming to Earth on July 19

Dubbed the “Space Weather Woman,” Tamitha Skov made an announcement this weekend in which she attached a video of NASA’s prediction model and warned of a possible solar storm on Earth.

Through her social networks, the research scientist from Aerospace Corporation wrote: “Direct hit! Snake-shaped filaments were released as a large solar storm while in the Earth’s zone of influence.

In addition, Skov gives the prediction date of the possible action from outer space, citing the International Aeronautics Administration: “NASA expects the impact on July 19. It is possible that there will be strong Aurora performances with this parade, in mid-latitudes ”, the scientist explained in detail on digital platforms.

In addition, the woman said that for those people who like this topic, like her, there will be interruptions in the GPS and radio frequencies in the signal from the “night side of the Earth.”

According to NASA, A flare or solar storm is an explosion of released radiation that occurs on the surface of the Sun. It occurs on Earth with a dash of light being projected and in it there is energy involved with particles in the atmosphere.

Similarly, to explain movements being created in space, Tamitha Skov published a small five-second audiovisual piece on Saturday, July 16. In this you can read that it represents: “The long string in the shape of a snake pulled away from the sun in an impressive ballet.”

It would be difficult to predict the magnetic orientation of this Earth-bound solar storm. G2 (possibly G3) level conditions may occur if this storm’s magnetic field is heading south!Space weather woman.

Taking into account numerical factors, experts separate it A geomagnetic storm is in a range of 1 to 5, and is considered from least to greatest in impact. Therefore, the storm of the G2 variant is moderate.

Location spaceHe announced, from the space agency of the United States government, that storms appear due to magnetic activity inside the sun, so effects such as: “The solar wind becomes much stronger and the strong solar wind can be dangerous.”

The explosions that occur in the superstar are called “solar flares,” which transmit huge amounts of energy into space. NASA experts explain that when the flares go hand in hand with solar flares, they are known as coronal mass ejections.

Soon, the solar flare will approach the magnetic region of planet Earth. Photo: Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images / iStockphoto

For its part, the European Space Agency says that although the strikes in the great star, the center of the solar system, are weak, they could cause a geomagnetic storm.

Although specialists state that humans are relatively protected from these events, thanks to the Earth’s magnetic field, The idea that minimal fluctuations in the electrical network can be observed and suddenly there is a small deficit in the communications made by satellites.

However, this phenomenon cannot always be immobilized. Specialized Portal space climate say what Solar storms occur according to their level of impact on the blue planet.

A month ago, members of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration noted that on Thursday, June 2, there was an eruption on the Sun, which led to a solar flare in space.

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