Antioquia will be the department that will most benefit from the exorbitant dollar, why?

Antioch It could be one area that benefits from a historically exorbitant dollar. In the trading session on Friday, the currency closed on average $4,395 The third session was revised lower after the rally recorded since the end of June when it reached a high of $4,625.

accounts Remittances and exports Indicate that the department is part of the regions that receive the most foreign exchange. So, according to analysts, in the midst of an exchange rate shock, The local economy can realize a positive impact.

It is necessary to start by reviewing the export item. In 2021, Colombia’s overseas sales reached US$41,223 million. It extracts oil and its derivatives, Antioquia was the best-selling department for international partners The shipments totaled $6,819 million. At the back is Bogotá with sales of $3,326 million.

this year andBetween January and May, exports worth 2885 million US dollars were sent from Antioquia He continues to lead the table. Followed by Bogotá with shipments worth US$1,756 million. This allows us to conclude that the flow of dollars in this department is indeed higher compared to other regions.

Next to Transfers – money sent by Colombians from abroad – with the deduction of the first quarter of this year, the country received a figure of 2,046 million US dollars, and of this amount, Antioquia received 680 million US dollars, in second place after Cauca Valley, Where did they come from? 1,019 million US dollars.

Recently, Javier Diaz Molina, president of the National Foreign Trade Association (Analdex), told EL COLOMBIANO that People who receive salaries and transfers in dollars They are part of the group that benefits from a scarcity of dollars. Because they get a better return by making the change. He also noted that “exporters will get more pesos for every dollar exported.”

However, the counterpart of the mode has to do withimported goods and products, Which will increase in price because it has to be paid in dollars and this will have a direct impact on the final consumer. The transmission of the increase is expected to be gradual and will appear mainly in household appliances, technology and food.

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