How can I buy from Amazon to send it to Cuba? We explain

Want to buy from Amazon but don’t have shipments to Cuba? Don’t worry, since then Cuban Guide We will explain step by step how you can do it, and you will see that it is very easy for you and your relatives on the island. We explain step by step.

Surely you know that Amazon is the largest online store in the world. This retail giant is located in many countries and makes life very easy for millions of shoppers every day.

With Amazon, it is possible to make online purchases of various items such as food, cell phones, computers, furniture, transportation vehicles, or large appliances such as a refrigerator or freezer. In short: In the world of Amazon, it is possible to find everything, or almost everything that you are interested in buying.

However, there are countries like Cuba where there is no Amazon. This does not necessarily prevent Cubans from taking advantage of this online store.

How can I buy from Amazon for Cuba?

very simple. We explain below. Although Amazon has a global distribution system, in those countries or regions you haven’t yet reached, there are other companies dedicated to moving items you’ve purchased from Amazon. In other words, they are basically repackers, so to speak.

In the Cuban case, there are US-based websites or agencies that take care of bringing your family from Cuba what you want to buy from Amazon. There are many options, but today we will talk about the most popular, either because of their safety, cheap prices or faster deliveries.

You may not know that buying from Amazon in the US has notable advantages over other countries. In North America there is a large variety of offers and you can buy spare parts fairly inexpensively.

If you are in any country in the world, and you want to buy from Amazon in the US, just go to their website: This is very important, because you cannot manage the shipment from other addresses such as,,,,, to make the shipment to Cuba, etc. You must make sure that you are buying from Amazon in the US.

Let’s now see how to send it to Cuba in three different ways:

1. Buy on Amazon with Panavana to send to Cuba

Panavana is another good option, and it hasn’t been in vain since Cuban Guide We have done many articles about the offers of this online store. It is a well known and trusted site that, in addition to offering you highly sought-after items, also gives you the option to send what you are going to buy from Amazon to Cuba.

It is very easy, because you also have the option of virtual locker. You can buy directly from Amazon here.

Pay attention, in the store payment form, enter your Name + Banafana And in the Shipping address (also known as Shipping address) section, you write the default US PO Box address, which is: 8285 NW 64 ST Suite 8 Miami, Fl, 33166, USA.

When you make purchases, you will receive in your email the tracking number assigned to your Amazon order. Copy this code and send it to [email protected] So that there are no problems when you receive your purchases in the locker

Then finally Panavana will weigh the package with your purchases, and they will rate it according to its specifics. This will send you direct access to the payment section of the group.

In the case of this company, their prices are as follows:

They charge $10.99 for shipments up to 3 lbs. And for packages of 4 pounds and up, you’ll have to pay $3.50 per pound. However, a new price may be assessed depending on the category of the item purchased on Amazon.

Remember that in Panavana you can buy not only on Amazon, but also on eBay, Aliexpress, Adidas, Best Buy, Victoria’s Secret, Walmart and many other stores, and then send the purchases to Cuba.

2. You can buy from Amazon with shipping to Cuba from the Aeroenvio website

We have already talked about the advantages of delivering a shipment to Cuba by air mail, it is characterized by speed and ease of managing the parcel. In addition, they have really comfortable prices:

  • If you choose home express, you will be charged $12.99 per pound, and it only takes 9-14 days.
  • On the other hand, if you choose the option to ship through Aerovaradero, they charge $5.99 per pound and take between 1 month and 45 days.
With Aeroenvío you have two options:
  1. Buy directly from Amazon and have it delivered to an available virtual locker in Florida, without the hassle of having it shipped in person to their warehouse.
  2. Buy from Aeroenvío, because they have a search engine on the site themselves that allows you to buy directly from Amazon.

3. Kopalama is one of the best options to send from the United States

Have you heard of Kopalama? This company is not only dedicated to managing communications to and from the island, for many years it has provided parcel and freight services to Cuba. They are well known within the US and it is safe to send with them what you would buy from Amazon.

You must only:
  • Make your purchase on Amazon, and make sure your items arrive in their major US stores
  • Then Copalama will weigh the products and they will call you to pick up the shipping service to Cuba.

In the case of Kopalama, you will have to pick up the Amazon package at your home, among other things; Then send it to Cuballama through well-known companies such as UPS, USPS, Fedex and others.

As always we remind you of that Cuban Guide It is not a store, and it has no links with them. We just want to facilitate your efforts so that you can help your people on the island.

We are glad to hear about your experience, and that you are also sending this article to others like you, who would like to help their families in Cuba.

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