Do you maintain your home? That’s why they ask for 26 thousand dollars

If you are one of those people who have a jar with them Coins at home so that change is available so that you don’t complicate your life before you leave home or to pay for your food delivery orders, you may one day discover you have more Partial currency There are accumulated in coins from 5 to 50 cents, which makes you look for coins with the highest denomination every day.

There will be those who use it without worry to complete the account in any payment because it is valid money because it is backed by Bank of Mexico (Banxico), the other people who have dedicated those cents to filling the jar with more face coin, although there will be those who will want to sell some pieces online, looking for a profit, as in this post where They want 26,000 pesos for a small 20-cent coin.

It is a piece of the last generation, Family D of Banxico coins Which has been out for circulation since 2009, is dated 2012 and is waiting for someone to pay that amount to keep it, but that is not a sure thing.

In the convenience store you will not find anything to buy with this coin, but they ask for 26 thousand pesos in return. (Mexico Duty Free)

Coin for sale is advertised on the portal digital commerce As in this case the well-known statute free market mexicodoes not mean that this is the value at which these types of items are necessarily exchanged, but rather what the seller wants to achieve through the transaction.

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Yes, there is a community of people dedicated to it numismatics, that hobby that consists of collecting coins and banknotes, and in some cases they can even buy the missing pieces when they cannot get them in normal circulation, in the case of album of current designs. But this does not mean that any coin will automatically be worth more than its denomination or that they will buy it.

What is usually looked for in a collectible coin is to have a piece together Shortage So that its presence in the album gives it more attention, but also in excellent condition save statusBecause the patina that forms on its surface over the years will give it a distinctive look and because it is usually more difficult to obtain, it is also more prized and more expensive.

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In the case of coins already in circulation, as it seems in the case of the coin announced at the Mercado Libre México, the best thing is for a connoisseur to check your pieces to see if they have any unusual properties and to distinguish them from millions of others so that they are mirrored They are of more interest, in which case they will be able to guide you on the right price according to its market value.

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