WhatsApp Web launches two new functions with the update

a program instant message Properties Goal -Previously known as Facebook-, The WhatsApp Like the social network Instagram, it is undoubtedly the most popular in the world by active users and in terms of its category, it is highly followed by its competitors thanks to the constant updates in which new features are usually incorporated that improve the user experience of the users.

Thus, more than two and a half million people who enjoy the service of this portal receive tools that enrich the conversation by not being limited to text messages, thanks to Photos, videos, voice notes, stickers, emojis, countries, and more accessories.

It’s just the case that the tech company just released two new functions for the PC version of the popular app, named WhatsApp Web And it could have been used for a long time in the original application but was recently released in the PC version: Record and send your voice memos from your PC or laptop and view photos and videos just once.

These two new functions are available in the WhatsApp Web version for PC or laptop. (Pixabay)

This news arrives in Version 2.2221.4.0. for windows Therefore, customers will be able to access this new functionality from their PC for a more complete experience with these application features, now also on the WhatsApp Web portal.

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In the first case, the system now allows you to record audio from the computer, as the input device of your device is used to capture the audio, so that you do not have to resort to the cell phone when sending it.

It is not possible to play anyone’s photos and videos from the WhatsApp Web presentation, as now you can access this configuration without being restricted to edit from the smartphone.

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With this kind of continuous improvement, the company wins over its customers, who always see changes that provide them with more resources to improve instant communication, and this time it allows users who prefer the digital platform on their PC some of the functionality they got from the phone but included Already in its web version.

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