Netflix partners with Microsoft for a cheaper subscription…but with ads

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image source, Netflix


Netflix claims that users have watched more than 1,000 million hours of the fourth season of Stranger Things.

Netflix has never wanted ads… until now.

The platform is affected by the loss of subscriptions – about 200,000 between January and March of this year alone – the platform seeks new formulas To attract customers and revenue.

The giant that built its entire strategy on subscriptions to watch movies and series in live broadcasts and without ads, has just finished Collaborate with Microsoft to offer a new, cheaper plan But with ads. The Bill Gates company he founded has been chosen as a global partner in advertising technology and sales.

The new plan, which is still Not disclosed how much it will costIt will not replace those already without ads, but will be offered as an additional option. Thus customers will be able to choose between paying less, but with advertising breaks, or keeping the usual subscription, the price of which the company has not announced at the moment. The plan could be ready by the end of the year.

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