How much is a dollar worth in mexico on july 15th?

The national currency again lost its strength compared to price From dollarAfter the costs were revealed to the US consumer, it provided higher-than-expected figures due to the impact of inflation. for him Friday 15 Julythe Mexican peso recorded a new loss in the major banks of Mexico They are priced at an average of 20.85 for various exchange rates; Which translates to a two-year increase in how much was it worth yesterday.

Publication of specialized websites and portals of banking institutions of the Mexican Republic How much is it The dollar At the usual closing of this third week of the month, so people and companies interested in negotiating with the US currency already know which bank offers a better option. For the day Friday July 15has a lower buying and selling cost in Banorte and Banco Azteca, while Scotiabank price higher. For its part, the Bank of Mexico is priced at a fixed exchange rate of 20.94 pesos.

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