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The dollar rate is not regulated at exchange offices or the currency purchased at retail, according to experts. This value depends on the exchange agents, who generally determine it on the basis of available cash. The movement of the dollar during the day ie supply and demand.

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This season, after the huge rise in foreign currency in Colombia, the selling price of dollars in exchange offices has also increased significantly, to the point that, in most places, it barely exceeds the value of the representative market rate (TRM) that was in effect on July 13 of 4,627.46 pesos.

Portfolio conducted a survey among some exchange offices in Bogotá and found that the selling value of the US currency is 4,630, That is, the dollar made as much as 2.54 pesos more if compared to the current TRM on Wednesday.

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The exchange offices also said that at this time, regardless of the price, sales rise significantly.

Alejandra Suarez, of American Cash, explains that this high demand for dollars in the country is due, among other reasons, to the holiday season, when many people take the opportunity to travel outside the country and enjoy time with their families.

“As it happens year after year, at this time, the supply of dollars to pay for travel goes up, and this also causes the price of (the currency) to go up,” he added.

from his side and Although some exchange offices said that they do not buy foreign currency at this time, they buy dollars at an average rate of 4480 pesos.

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