DACO Reports New Gasoline Drops: Pump Prices Haven’t Seen Since April

In just two days, the price of a liter of regular gasoline in Puerto Rico has fallen by 11 cents, which translates to a 7% decrease compared to the cost at which the product was sold at the beginning of this week, the State Department secretary said Thursday. Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO), Aidan Rivera Rodriguez.

The official noted that local wholesalers reported similar losses.

“In Puerto Rico, we are seeing more marked declines in Puerto Rico than those reported in Europe and the United States,” said the minister, who stated that

From the price charts published today by DACO, it appears that everything A station that refuels throughout the day will offer maximum prices between $1.03 and $1.09 for regular gasoline; $1.08 – $1.29 for the premium, and $1.19 – $1.29 for the diesel.

Petrol prices at the pump for July 14. (Yasir)

Rivera explained that the implementation of the joint decision that gave the green light for the exemption in “la crudita” was an important element, as it “forces the freeze on DACO profit margins to remain in place, and this made it possible to ensure that the relief reaches directly to the pump price that the consumer pays.”

for this part, Hector Roman MaldonadoD., director of the economic studies department at DACO, explained that “the highest prices were reported on June 10, when regular gasoline was sold at $1.38, Whereas these days we have stations that have dropped to $1.01 for this type of product.”

According to Roman Maldonado, “The market drop, combined with the tax credit, has resulted in pump prices not seen since April 22.”

The official identified, according to reports submitted by wholesalers, as of the current 7/14 day, 12.5 million gallons of fuel, of all brands, were distributed at service stations across the island, exempt from paying some selective taxes.

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