When will the world end? Scientists publish revealing results

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There is no doubt about it One of the big questions Science and humanity are done When will the world end?s as it will be?… like that, A group of scholars warned Who said the result? It will be delivered sooner than expected.

As detailed in La Tercera, the astronomer Edwin Hubble proven In 1929 the universe has an expansion processwhich led to the emergence of the theory the great explosion; However, currently Scientists warn that this movement is accelerating and with it There will be a deflation moment that will end the world. bliss This theory is called the Great Crisis or the Great Crash Theory..

When is the end of the world?

Three scholars from Princeton University Conducted a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences where It was detailed that this expansion could end “abruptly soon”.

However, it should be noted that In the world of science, time periods are not the same as ours Humans, since for them The proximity they are referring to is within 65 million years. And although for many it is a number we see very far, for scientists It’s a very short thing compared to the duration of the universe.

This new scenario naturally agrees with recent theories in cyclic cosmology and conjectures about quantum gravity.“, pointed out Paul Steinhardtco-author of “The Great Breakdown Theory” and director of the Center for Theoretical Science at Princeton University in New Jersey at WordsSideKick.com.

The specialists explain it After nearly 14 billion years of growth, space can begin to shrinkwhich will lead to its end.

There is dark energy

In the ‘The great collapse theoryIt includes a concept called “dark energy”which would be assumed to be an invisible entity, which It will work against gravitypushing the massive objects in the universe apart rather than pulling them together. This would cause the universe to contract, not expand, and thus lead to the end.

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