The sisters start a Mexican food business

The Mexican influence on the island has been felt over the years, particularly in the delicious cuisine featuring hot spices that drive many Puerto Ricans crazy.

This was learned by sisters Jashira and Lourdes Sánchez Moreno who, since they were children, have been associated with the business of a family member whose menu has attracted hundreds of diners looking for that distinct Aztec flavour.

There they worked and fell in love with a concept they had created all their lives, until they saw the opportunity to create their own project, which they started last November in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is Chilangos Mexican Food in Añasco, a food truck stationed on Northbound PR-2, where Jashira and Lourdes put on a great all-Mexican show.

“Chilangos, in fact, my idea was basically a concept of a closed restaurant, more glamorous with air conditioning. The COVID-19 pandemic started, all the rules changed and the food was ready. Together with my husband, we re-created Chilangos last November,” Jachira said, She is a 29-year-old nurse by profession.

The food truck is located in the PR-2. (Xavier Garcia)

“People’s support has been very good, and we’ve known a lot of people for many years in regards to preparing Mexican food, hopefully God will expand and create this much more. I specialize in margaritas, but we haven’t licensed alcohol yet. We’re starting with the one permit,” Añasqueña highlighted. Fun and a mother of a girl.

The kitchen falls to Lorde, 43, who has worked for more than two decades in the gastronomy industry, and although she’s not as talkative as her sister, when it comes to preparing dishes, she expresses herself to the fullest.

“It’s something you like because you’ve been dealing with it for a long time. It’s something that motivates and loves when you arrive, knowing that you’re going to do something for yourself and your co-workers. What’s more, when people arrive and see that it’s us, they keep coming because they know the spice is here.”

Chilangos’ menu has more than 20 dishes, including burritos, chimichangas, fajitas and meat al pastor, with the specialty many look for in the green sauce.

Chilangos menu has more than 20 dishes.
Chilangos menu has more than 20 dishes. (Facebook)

“Here we specialize in green chutney. A spicy sauce made with jalapenos, carrots, green tomatoes, and red tomatoes and that’s what people come for. We specialize in Chilanga, which is a fried burrito filled with meat, cheese, salad, mashed beans and nachos,” Jachira explained.

“Enchilada in green sauce is spicy and we work with pasteur, which is pork marinated with chili, it’s not spicy, but it gives color. We work with shrimp, steak, ground beef, green pepper and chicken,” noting that she continues to work as a nurse.

According to Lorde, another favorite is the soaked burrito.

“It’s a burrito smothered in Monterey Jack cheese sauce, cheddar cheese, and a green sauce, and it’s all melted on top. The customer chooses the meat he’s going to take and has Mexican beans and rice. We also prepare the green pepper meat made with jalapenos, green tomatillos and green sauce that imparts flavor. And the taste of jalapenos.”

“Another favorite is the chub, which is a crunchy cornbread that is shaped with fingers around it, put on the grill and after frying it’s filled with everything. Most sold in terms of appetizers is the Chilangos variety, which has a bit of the entire menu.”

In terms of desserts, Añasqueñas are betting on cornbread stuffed with cajeta, ice cream, and chocolate.

“I see myself in a year with a broader concept, but I think it will continue to be a food truck because I love that concept so much,” he revealed, showing the stunning view that compliments the kitchen, where you can see much of Mount Anasco.

Chilangos Mexican Food is open Thursday through Sunday, 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

For more details, you can call 787-464-6782.

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