I tell you how to send them to Cuba

Both days started with Amazon’s biggest salesAmazon Prime Day. between the The discounted products are power plants.

With the status of electric power in Cuba, the purchase of power stations to send to Cuba has become very frequent. There are stores that sell it and send it directly to Cuba. But due to the high demand for power plants, they often run out.

That is why a very good opportunity is to take advantage of these huge offers from Amazon on the first day to buy the power plant and deliver it to the island from the sites responsible for sending Amazon purchases to Cuba.

I won’t delay any further here below, I’ll leave you a file electrical stations who is now Super Cell on Prime Day.

PowerSmart Power Station

Electric generator piston delivers peak day

pulsar generator

power plant togo premier day display

Togo Power Generator

You should keep in mind that in order to send power plants to Cuba, they must be plants with continuous power up to 900 watts.

In the same way, plants with a power of up to 15 kilowatts can be brought into Cuba, but in this case, plants over 900 watts must be brought in as accompanied baggage, not as a shipment.

Plants up to 900W are rated at US$200, from 900W to 1500W, the rating is US$500, and from 1500W to 15KW, the rating is US$1,000.

12kw power plant

Pulsar generator 9500 watts

If you are looking for stores that sell and send power stations directly to Cuba, you can see them here.

And if you’re looking for companies responsible for shipping Amazon purchases to Cuba, you can see them here.

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