Waiters and customers throw chairs

The waiters and customers staged a violent fight at Coppelia in Havana.

A video clip circulating on social networks shows how those involved threw chairs at each other and went on blows.

So far, no information has been revealed about the cause of the outrage at the symbolic site located in Vedado, Havana.

Coppelia de La Habana is often the focus of discussion on social networks due to poor product quality, customer abuse, and limited supply.

In March of this year, the Internal Trade Business Group, an entity to which Coppelia belongs, reported that due to the impact of an increase in fresh milk prices on the costs of industrial derived products, retail prices for ice cream varied offerings.

According to a note published in the official newspaper Granma, “a scoop of Coppelia ice cream will be 9.00 pesos and Varadero 7.00 pesos.”

The information came during a meeting chaired by the capital’s government, in which a number of responsible authorities participated.

The memo, published in Tribuna de La Habana, highlighted that the quality of the ice cream, along with the quality of service, must respond to customer requirements “so that those who come to the emblematic facility at 23 and L are satisfied with the enjoyment of a unique and excellent product”.

The Cubans were quick to respond to the price hike. “Even eating ice cream seems like a luxury,” they commented in state media.

“What a joke, the cobelia has lost its prestige, its dignity and its quality, because of no one but the administration itself, when the directors in this country are punished and exposed in the news until everyone finds out, and stop exploiting until it arrives, then perhaps, we will see improvements, and they will stop selling products on Left, Coppelia, the one who works there for research, commented another.

“Let’s see, this is a story on the way, but if cow’s milk is produced in Cuba, prices should be lowered because there is no need to pay for freight and transportation. If what they want is to raise the price for distribution, gastronomic profit is another aspect. Second, they have to Coppelia can win more and more in quality and organization,” a third party replied.

However, based on customer criteria, an increase does not even mean an improvement in service and quality.

Hundreds of users this Friday Reply to a post Where someone highlighted the quality of the show.

“There’s nothing wonderful about that because when I was a bundle of strawberries with snow and guavas it tasted like lightning, for God’s sake. That sweet didn’t have a single hair,” Omar Martinez said.

“The day I went there were only two flavours, guava and chocolate, they said it was chocolate. Poor quality ice cream, cold and crisp chocolate and bad taste. The cookies were so hard you had to order a mix, you couldn’t have it,” said Maria Elena Garcia. I didn’t order all kinds of chocolate. I was glad it was worse than guava, but well, it seems to me that one orders it as one pleases.”

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