Today’s TRM: The dollar in Colombia today 12 July 2022 | Finance | Economie

The dollar in Colombia It was a new day on the rise historical prices, higher than 4600 pesos.

The dollar opened today at 4,590 pesos and at 9:15 am it was trading on average at 4,621.65 pesos, 108.37 pesos more than the representative market price for the day, which was 4,513.28 pesos.

(In one year, the total portfolio of the financial system grows by 14%.)

In the end, the coin closed with an average trading price of 4,627.36 pesos, 114.08 pesos more than TRM.

During the day, The maximum dollar rate reached 4,663 The minimum was 4589.90 pesos.

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Last year the peso depreciated by 17.86%. So far in 2022, the price of the coin has fallen by 13.37%.

During this Tuesday, $1,429.35 million was traded.

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The rise of the dollar is due to the fact that the Colombian currency was affected in the days that followed The first and second presidential rounds, But it is also influenced by the international scene.

This is mainly due to the policies US Federal Reserve (FED), It is to raise interest rates to reduce inflation, which has repercussions in global markets, especially in emerging countries like Colombia.

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