The most expensive bill is a thousand pesos, they want to sell one for 19 thousand dollars

In the ATM window or the teller window of your bank, you usually get Cash Brand new with Coins shiny and banknotes Smooth with no folds yet, which could completely change if you used it on a purchase to bring it into circulation, because constant use weakens the pieces and the moment you get a new one you might think to put it aside so that it can stay in perfect condition save statusbut some people try not to spend or save their bills, because the goal is sold as commodity.

On e-commerce sites such as the famous portal free market mexico There are many publications in which current money is presented, recently issued by Bank of Mexico (Banxico) Like this A 1,000 pesos bill whose owner seeks to sell it for 19,000 pesos.

It even provides you with payment facilities until you get a thousand pesos in an offer G family of Banxico . banknotes Pay in 12 monthly installments of $1,583.33 of which you’ll pay more per month for a year than the piece is worth, up to 19x symbolic valueIf someone buys the item.

In any purchase they must accept this ticket, but as indicated by its name (Mercado Libre México)

The fact that a person puts up a price of several thousand pesos for a ticket that he can get in the supermarket does not mean that it is of high value, but rather that he seeks to make a large profit from the sale, considering that the cost of the “product” is a thousand pesos worth when you receive it in A transaction or banking process.

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Thus, the difference is required, taking into account the commission of the sales platform, but none of this guarantees that the buyer is willing to pay this amount for a copy that can be obtained more cheaply elsewhere or even obtained in the bank.

It is usually emphasized that it begins with the letter A when the invoice is from this print batch, because it indicates that it belongs to the first units to be manufactured, but the fact is that there are millions of the same in circulation.

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If you have banknotes of this type and wonder if they are more valuable than selling them at a higher price, it is best to seek advice from an expert, at a house numismatics To guide you on the characteristics of your banknotes and if they are of interest to collectors, in which case they can guide you on the right price, but it is up to you to encourage you to make your ads on digital channels like the one we just finished seeing

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