NASA: A project in Olocuilta that mixes food with astronomy

In Oluquielta, La Paz, there was a place for eight months where people could eat and see the moon, planets and stars too. Its name is NASA. From the entrance to the reservoir where the water is stored, it is set and identified with details from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The owner, Samuel Martinez, better known as Sammy Martinez, bought a telescope so clients could see the moon and some planets and stars while visiting from the building’s balcony.

The telescope is an attractive addition and can be used for free. Photo: LGP/Jorge Carbajal

According to Samuel, his interest in the planets and life or activity outside the Earth’s atmosphere began as a child. “I am one of those people who believe that there is life elsewhere,” he said. In addition to naming his business NASA, the entire place is decorated with references to extraterrestrial life, primarily from movies or television: Alf, ET, Yoda, Aliens and Armageddon are some of the themes Samuel has in mind. Your place.

His focus is always on the spatial subject. “Since I was a kid and saw what happened in Roswell, the topic caught my attention and that’s why I associate the works with this topic,” he explained. He had other works called The Base, Area 51 and Project x.

Samuel dreams of turning business into a franchise. In addition to selling the famous Olocuilta pupusas, it also serves beef, chicken, chicken and pork.

Photo: LGP/Jorge Carbajal

The telescope at NASA can be used for free because it is an added attraction that Samuel put in place. On rainy days it is difficult to see space, but on clear days Jupiter, Saturn, the moon and stars can be seen.

NASA is located next to Plaza de Banderas in Oluquelta. From the place there is a view of the north, and because it is located in an elevated part, it is suitable for observing the universe at night.

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