WhatsApp, you can now add text to documents you send

one of the platforms instant message Most used every day by millions of people around the world The WhatsAppeither to communicate via Messages, photos, videos, voice memos, and video callsetc.

This platform has many advantages, the main one is that it is constantly updated, so new features and tools are added for both iOS and Android users. On this occasion we tell you about a new job that will be available.

WhatsApp, you can now add text to documents you send. Photo: Pixabay

What is the new feature of WhatsApp

The good news is that you can now Add text to documents that you send from the platform, making it easier for you to search for it later when you need it, just by putting the name into the search engine.

What is known about this new functionality is that you will be able to name the document before sending it, just like a photo or video. Likewise, this will make it easier for the other person not to have to download and open it to find out what it is.

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At the moment, this feature is still under development in the beta version of the WhatsApp desktop app, but it is expected that it will also be available in beta versions of Android and iOS in some updates.

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So it will only be a matter of time before this new tool finally becomes available to all the users and continues to become a favorite due to all the tools it offers.

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