Western Union In addition to the e-wallet, a solution to send remittances to Cuba?

This week, local Mexican newspapers reported the alliance between Western Union and Mercado Pajo to send remittances from the United States to Mexico.

Companies want to take advantage of the increased remittances sent to that country, viewing this as a “business opportunity”.

an agreement Western Union Find shipments in dollars to reach Pocket wallet Payment market.

This is how Pablo Burrow, Director of Western Union Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean assessed it:

“Mexico has become the second largest recipient of remittances in the world, which shows the remarkable development of the industry and the resilience of citizens who have gone to look for better opportunities in the United States.”

According to the review expansionThe director spoke in detail about the relationship between the money Mexicans receive and its direct impact on consumption.

What is Market Payment?

Mercado Pago is a digital wallet or Pocket wallet With it it is possible to make payments for services, purchases in various stores and recharge the CDMX Integrated Mobility card, according to the above method.

It also allows you to get a card under the Mastercard brand.

How are transfers sent to Mexico from the US with Western Union and Mercado Pago?

In order to send money, the sender located in the US can go to a Western Union branch to place the transfer. There they will give you a code that the beneficiary will enter in Mexico Mercado Pago . app.

In addition, it is possible to transfer money through the Western Union application, local media explains.

They caution however that it is the person in the US who pays the commission to Western Union for the operation. In other words, the recipient in Mexico will not have to pay an additional fee.

Expansión highlights that “the remittances that arrived in Mexico last May amounted to 5,172 million dollars, a number never seen before.”

Western Union Transfers to Cuba

When does Western Union (WU) send transfers to Cuba again?

Cuban Guide Contacted the company for news about it and has not received a response yet. Could a WU alliance with a wallet or a digital wallet be a viable alternative in the case of Cuba?

Last May, President Biden ad Changes in policy toward Cuba “to ensure that remittances flow more freely to the Cuban people.”

In this sense, reference was made to the use of “electronic payment processors to enhance access to the Cuban market”.

So far, no official channels have been announced to direct the flow of remittances to the island, and many Cuban Americans prefer sending dollars in cash to their relatives to prevent them from getting into the hands of the government.

However, US dollars cannot be used in cash in Cuba, except to take advantage of the “juicy” exchange rate on the informal market.

In this context, RevoluSend has been announced as a safe option for sending money to Cuba. you may Read this article To better inform you.

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