WhatsApp, you can use your account on two phones at the same time

The WhatsApp It is one of the platforms instant message Most used every day by millions of people around the world, either to communicate through Messages, photos, videos, video calls, voice notes, etc.

Among the many advantages that it has is that it is constantly updated to add new functions and tools, in this case the application is working on a new function in order to obtain WhatsApp on two phones at the same time.

WhatsApp, you can use your account on two phones at the same time. Photo: Pixabay

WhatsApp on two phones

What is known is that users can have a conversation on one phone, open the app on another, and pick up where they left off. A message at the top will tell you that your chats are syncing.

The bad news is that at the moment, this feature is only in the development stage in beta, which is not a guarantee of its official release, since developers can make the necessary modifications.

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One of the unknown is how long the sync process will take since WhatsApp backups are stored on Google Drive servers, with our account.

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For now, it’s about keeping waiting for new beta updates until more is known about this tool. Likewise, it remains to be seen if it will work on both OS and Android.

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