Meet Ralph Lauren’s Most Humble Cars

Ralph Lauren, the famous fashion designer, has one of the best collections of high-end cars. However, one of the models does not stand out for its luxury and value. Slither and find out more!

Ralph Lauren it’s a Fashion designer and owner which bears the same name. Ralph Lauren Corporation It has been in the industry for more than 50 years and has been achieved Dress up the best celebrities in history. After such a successful career, the 82-year-old entrepreneur became One of the 100 richest Americans in existence.

The New Yorker has a file An astounding net worth of $6.5 billionwhich is reflected in his book Huge collection of high-end cars. Lauren has an intolerance for period models and classic One of the best car companies. Porsche, Ferrari and Bugatti These are just some of the names we can find inside this millionaire’s garage.

However, his luxurious and valuable collection did not start out as it does now. In the the seventiesAt the beginning of his career, the designer managed to buy One of the first models That would start filling up his future garage. It is located around a Mercedes-Benz 280 SE approx value 10 thousand dollarswhich is a minuscule number for the celebrity millionaire that exists now.

The Mercedes-Benz 280 SE It was 4.5L V8 that gave him Maximum power 195 hp. In addition, it reached an acceleration From acceleration to 100 km / h in 9.2 seconds. Of course, even though her design career was just beginning, Lauren didn’t want a simple machine in her kit, so He made some changes like leather seats and silver details.

Certainly, the entrepreneur’s fondness for cars has been around for a long time. He started with a $10,000 machine to get 70 million Ferraris. It is clear that the designer’s career did not stop growing, as in his impressive garage.

Mercedes-Benz 280 SE from 1971.

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