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When using the service instant message From The WhatsApp To communicate with your contacts, the process on the digital platform is expected to be private and this is your way talksAway from the interference of third parties or even companies because you chat With family and friends something personal and intimate for each user.

But in this sense, and to give certainty to the customers of this company – which, like Instagram Belongs to Goalformerly known as FacebookThe system has been developed End-to-end encryptionwith the content of your text messages Other multimedia items such as voice notes, photos or videos remain encrypted from the moment you leave your mobile device until the end recipient unlocks them and reads the messages without intermediaries who can spy on them.

If you don’t trust your messages to be completely private, you’ll need to turn this on. mechanism of security To help you use WhatsApp with peace of mind while making sure that your conversations are out of the reach of prying eyes.

By using an end-to-end encryption system, you can be sure that only you and your interlocutor can access your messages. (Pixabay)

Presumably neither of them The Google Not even Meta itself has access to the content of instant messages shared by its customers, but by activating end-to-end encryption, you can be sure that the matter you and your contact are dealing with stays only between you and no one else, except that one The interlocutors deliberately made it known to others.

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In order to be able to enable this tool and fully encrypt your backups, you do not need to download or install Additional softwareIt is sufficient for your messages to be considered confidential by other persons or digital entities.

In order to be able to use your smartphone with the greatest reliability in terms of security, it is important that you enable end-to-end encryption for your backups, which can be easily configured from Application cell phone.

On your cell phone, access the WhatsApp application and press the Settings button on the three vertical dots icon to open a menu, where you have to choose Chats. When you are in this section, go to Backup and open the option dedicated to the end-to-end encrypted copy.

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The system will show you a message telling you that with this parameter no one will be able to access your chat messages, including technology giants like Facebook or Google, so all you have to do is activate the mechanism to enjoy this coverage in the interest of your privacy.

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