Arnold Schwarzenegger is trading a $2 million car for this…

Arnold Schwarzenegger never ceases to surprise his fans with the most famous movie in the world of cinema, but his cars are another aspect that attracts attention, especially his most expensive fleet which he usually changes for another unexpected one that will surely surprise you. We show you…

Arnold SchwarzeneggerHe is the most famous actor of all time with a multifaceted stellar life being a businessman, politician, and bodybuilder as well as the preeminent reference in action, fantasy and suspense films such as “Terminator”, “Escape Plan” and “Survivor”, among others. others.

Behind the scenarios, the star famous for the phrase “Hasta la vista … baby” accumulates a heritage exceeding 300 million dollars, at the same time its various aspects have allowed him to continue increasing his wealth and thus occupying one more space in his wonderful garage with the cars of his choice, details that are without doubt his passion.

On the other hand, it is normal for many to see the veteran actor starring in action movies driving asphalt monsters and even military tanks, impressing with his excellent skill behind the wheel, carrying tons of weights packed with impressive speed, resistance and strength.

However, there is one of the most expensive models in its fleet, such as the exceptional one Bugatti Veyronwhich offers a top speed of 407 km/h, provides acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 2.5 seconds, a maximum power of 1,001 CV/736 kW, 16 cylinders, 7-speed gearbox with impeccable efficiency of The great team that is worth about 2 million dollars.

however, This beast of asphalt usually changes it for his lovable M47 Baton tankunit identified as 331 where he served in the army, that integrates firepower, armor with main weapon 90 mm M36 cannon, integrated M12 optical rangefinder, M1919 Browning submachine gun armament, design with pointed nose, maximum road speed of 48 km / h, as well as a powerful Continental AV-1790-5B / 600kW and 810 HP engine.

M47 Patton military tank, unit identified as 331

+ Video of Arnold Schwarzenegger driving his tank:

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