What you should know about converting to HID lights in your car

HID conversion kit will be upgraded to the same lighting system Which appears in cars like BMW, Lexus or Porsche. This modification is a revolutionary concept in automotive lighting that provides three times more illumination on the road than conventional halogen lamps.

How do HID light kits work?

All The high intensity discharge light uses a tube of xenon gas and a smaller amount of other noble gases which are placed between two high voltage electrodes. When these electrodes are energized, they begin to emit a bright blue or white light. These are used to regulate the flow of electricity providing high intensity headlights that never flicker.

HID conversion kits use internal combustion technology It is almost similar to other products made in Germany. These kits come with two ballasts to fit your car headlights, and if you buy a cheaper one, it will only have one, HID bulb and single ballast.

Is HID conversion better than halogen light?

The lamp will be brighter and whiter, extending meters in front of the car, which ensures greater visibility compared to halogen lighting systems and makes driving less stressful in the evening and in the morning.

as soon as you own Driven by HID Conversion KitYou’ll never want to drive another dirty, dim yellow halogen headlight.

It’s 300% brighter than the average 60W halogen equivalent illuminator. It has a daylight color temperature of 6000K and has a lifespan of 3000 hours, it comes with high quality kits and consumes only 35W which makes it easy to install, plug and play. They also have waterproof connections for outdoor uses as well and are fully EM shielded magnetically so that no interference occurs with the onboard electronics.

these HID conversion kits are perfectly suitable for use In low and high beam applications and completely different from any other system on the market.


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