They arrested a driver who ran over a man several meters away in San Jacinto

Michael Dante López Ortiz will be charged with attempted murder. The truth was revealed in a video circulated on social media on Tuesday.

How Michael Dante Lopez Ortiz The driver who ran over a person a few days ago has been identified and carried several meters to the hood of his car. The event was recorded on Venustiano Carranza Boulevard, in the San Jacinto neighborhood, in San Salvador.

The photos were posted by a video clip taken by another driver who was driving in the area and later spread on social networks.

On Wednesday, the National Civil Police said Ortiz had been arrested and would be presented to the relevant authorities on charges of simple or incomplete murder or attempted murder.

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Michael Dante Lopez Ortiz He was arrested in the past few hours. Photo: @PNCSV

Users on social networks are asking the authorities to investigate the case well because the truth is still puzzling. The Palestinian National Council notes that it was a case of intolerance. some Users Report That before the scene that was broadcast on social media, there was a discussion and that the alleged victim attacked the detainee now “with a stick and a machete” and then followed him to his car.

What does the video show?

The video begins with a man running in the direction of the sedan, which appears to have stopped in the middle of the street. For a moment, the subject loses focus, then it is noticed that the sedan is accelerating while carrying it on the hood several meters ahead. The driver advances and makes a zigzag trying to get rid of the man in the dark shirt and jeans, but he can’t get rid of him and keeps moving forward until he gets lost from the camera.

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“We have arrested Michel Dante López Ortiz, who is responsible for running over a person with his car in an act of intolerance,” the Palestinian National Council said on its Twitter account.

A video shared on social media shows the car moving forward with the man on the hood. Non-commercial images:

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