Tesla and Ferrari tremble at Lucid Motors, which has already outdone them

Tesla, Elon Musk and Italy’s Ferrari already have a rival that makes them shudder. Founded in 2007 as a company specialized in the manufacture and development of car batteries, Lucid Motors Created a prototype of the electric car in 2014.

Five years after this prototype, the company, founded in California and with a factory in Arizona, USA, began delivering the first units of Lucid Air.

Of this first production, only 520 cars sold and delivered since October 2021 will be assembled.

The Lucid Air is a futuristic car With a simple, yet very aggressive design from its front grille extended throughout the body.

On each side of the bumper, there are two additional vertical slots that integrate the LED daytime running lights, which must be cooled and for this the air intakes are integrated into the ends of what would in a conventional car’s bumper cover.

Lucid Air can be found in white, black, silver, gold, taupe, silver or dark red.

This model can be selected with 19 or 21-inch wheels, depending on the version in question.

Inside, what was found was a cabin with plenty of space meant to maximize every space inside the car.


The car has a 34-inch digital instrument panel that includes a dedicated infotainment system display, both with 5K resolution.

There is also a second screen on the center console called “demo boardBy the manufacturer, this screen can be hidden when not in use.

3 versions of Lucid Air

This first model of the California company is found in 3 versions:

  • Lucid Air Touring
  • Lucid Air Grand Touring
  • Lucid Air Dream Edition

Lucid Air Dream has been recognized by Motor Trend magazine, as “car of the year“.

While the US Environmental Protection Agency called it electric vehicle The farthest you can go on a single charge: 520 miles (about 836 kilometres).

Plus, all Lucid Air models can charge up to 20 miles of range per minute while connected to a DC fast charging point, which translates to about 300 miles in just 20 minutes.


Because Lucid Motors Really Worries Tesla and Ferrari?

In the electric car market, Tesla It has become one of the main competitors, thanks to the features and technologies of its models, but Lucid Air can become a great competitor in this segment.

Namely, Lucid Motors models are more powerful, have a greater range and battery.

While the Tesla Model 3 Performance covers 315 miles (506 kilometers) and requires a recharge of more than half an hour, the Lucid Air reaches 520 miles on a charge of about 20 minutes.

In acceleration, the Tesla also lags, the Lucid reaches 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds, while the Model 3 achieves it in 3.1 seconds.

On the other hand, this electric car, without being specifically a sports car, is already worrying Ferraribecause in its top version it can reach a higher speed than a car of the Italian brand.

In this sense, John Murphy, analyst at American banknoted that Lucid could pose a threat to companies such as Tesla, owned by Elon Musk, and Rivianas well as for electric car brands from more well-known automakers such as Ford and General Motors.

The analyst adds that Lucid has many ingredients necessary for success, including “innovative technology, a compelling product, an attractive brand, a paperboard manufacturing approach, and great management.”


The Lucid Air Dream Model delivered is priced at $169,000 (3,473,000 pesos at current exchange rates) compared to Tesla’s top-of-the-line Model S, which starts at $130,000 (2 million 671,000 pesos).

But while it’s not a small amount, it’s worth less than a $200,000-400,000 Ferrari.

Adam Jonas from the playoffs Morgan Stanley It was noted in a note to investors that Lucid is a “superior quality” electric car company.

The Lucid Air is currently sold in the United States and there are plans to market it in Arab countries, China and Europe. Currently, Latin America is not included as an option, to be an option in the premium electricity market.

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