How good is the idea of ​​buying a non-OEM catalytic converter?

The catalytic converter is a component of the exhaust system It is responsible for converting harmful gases such as carbon monoxide into safer compounds.

Catalytic converters are designed to last the life of your vehicle; However, unattended repair failures can cause wear and tear. also, The catalytic converter is located outside the car This can easily damage them in case of accidents.

Whether you have to change Your catalytic converter is malfunctioning or stolenIt can be expensive, especially if you’re buying a new one.

There is a choice buy used catalytic converters, But they are not highly recommended and their performance is not the same as a new one.

Should I buy a used catalytic converter?

The main benefit of an aftermarket catalytic converter is to save money. A used catalytic converter can save you more than 80% off the price of a new converter, costing as little as $200 and sometimes as high as $60.

However, there are significant downsides to purchasing aftermarket services and you should be aware of them before making any decision.

1.- Shorter useful life

Since these used catalysts are used before, they wear out and will degrade much faster than new products.

If you choose to purchase a used product, you should be aware of this potential problem and know the signs of a faulty catalytic converter so you know when to stop working.

2.- Regulation

Before you buy a used catalytic converter, you should research the type of emissions your car’s production is regulated for.

If the catalytic converter you purchased does not meet these criteria, it is of no value. Purchasing such a converter risks its suboptimal performance and failure in an emissions test.


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