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The dollar breaks its record in Colombia for the second day in a row, and The Representative Market Rate (TRM) on Wednesday will be 4,259.86 pesos per dollar.

The rise in the price of the US currency completes two weeksand it occurs against the other currencies of other countries, particularly due to fears of a recession in the United States.

So, those who have dollars You may be wondering if this is the right time to sell it.

Without a doubt, whoever has dollars, if he buys them at the representative market price (TRM) and can sell them at that price, will make some profit, if one takes into account that TRM at its highest level in history.

Yes good TRM is built on the basis of large transaction rates in the interbank marketSmall amounts owned by families, households or individuals may be traded in TRM on some Internet sites.

Taking into account the current price, the more time has passed since the purchase was made, the higher the probability of getting a higher margin of return.

If a person prefers to sit around waiting for higher gains, they can achieve a higher return, but also It can happen, at any time, that there is an unexpected event that changes the trend in the market.

If it is about A person made purchases of foreign currency at exchange offices, the trends may not be quite the same as what is happening in the interbank marketwhere TRM originated.

But for these people there are similar considerations. If the price at which they receive dollars in the exchange is higher than the price that was paid when the person bought them, there will be a profit, and Each one will assess whether it is worth liquidating the investment for this margin.

Everyone’s situation is different because it depends on when they bought the dollars and at what price they did it.

In summarizing, Determining whether or not this is a good time to sell dollars goes beyond the fact that TRM has currently reached another historic record high.. In fact, it depends on how much you can earn when comparing the price at which you purchased those coins, and if that return, with the time that has passed since the purchase, exceeds the interest rates recognized in common savings such as those of CDTs.

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