5 great ways to protect your car battery from hot summer temperatures

Summer is one of the battery’s worst enemies. Overheating affects the performance of the car battery

The battery has many important functions in a car and most of them are related to the car’s electrical system. That is why it is so important to always be aware and protect them from the high temperatures that summer brings.

For this, Here are five great ways to protect your car battery from the hot summer temperatures.

1.- Check your battery.

Don’t wait until you are stranded on the side of the road to check the general health of your battery.

Checking the battery to see if it’s worn out can mean the difference between the best road trip and the worst. Check the terminals to make sure they are properly securing the battery and tighten any loose cables; Loose terminals shorten battery life and can damage other components.

2.- Check the battery box.

Perform a visual inspection of the outside of the battery box. Is it swollen, cracked, or leaking fluid? If so, it should be replaced immediately. While looking, check to see if your battery is of the older type with removable filler caps on top. If so, hot weather may cause the battery fluid to evaporate faster.

A good idea is to replace your old battery before summer driving with a compact, high-performance, maintenance-free battery.

3.- Checking the tension and condition of the fan belt.

Loosen fan belt can reduce the charging capacity of the battery. If the fan belt is worn or cracked, replace it.

4.- Add water.

Most of today’s batteries are sealed and do not require you to monitor water levels. However, if your battery is not maintenance free, ask the representative to add water, if necessary.

Even with good care and maintenance, a car’s battery life is only three to five years. If you live in a part of the country that experiences extreme temperatures, your battery life may be shorter.

5.- Maintenance issues.

Regularly scheduled maintenance such as an oil change, battery tests or a full mechanical check as the seasons changes is recommended.


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