The purchase of Ralph Lauren millionaire shook the entire United States

Fashion designer, Ralph Lauren’s fanaticism for luxury and high-end cars is already common knowledge. However, there is a certain model that caught everyone’s attention. Slither and find out more!

Ralph Lauren he is Designer and owner of a fashion house, Ralph Lauren Corporation. It has been in the industry for over 50 years and has achieved Dress up the biggest celebrities in history From sports personalities to big screen actors. After this successful career, he became a New Yorker One of the hundred richest Americans.

With such great wealth, the entrepreneur completed his Mega Millionaire Garage Filled with the most elegant and luxurious models. stand out Vintage cars from the 60’s and 70’sWhich gives an exclusive character to the group. Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche These are just some of the names that we can find in their windows.

However, there is one example that stands out from the rest. Around Ferrari 250 GTOone of the most popular models the sixtiesas such Almost 30 copies have been made For this model from the Italian brand. In addition, it contains a file V12 . engine allowing a maximum capacity of 300 hp and travel fast 280 km/h

But what really surprises everyone is The value of this machine. This is a Ferrari for a price 70 million dollarsTo become one of the most expensive designer models. These types of acquisitions are embodied in Lorraine’s estate, worth $6.5 billion, a figure that’s hard to believe is worse than reality.

The owner of the fashion house stated that He sees his cars as works of art and enjoys driving them, so we understand why that wealth is invested in one of them. We have no doubt that it will continue to dazzle with its upcoming acquisitions…

A Ferrari 250 GTO from 1962.

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