The price of the dollar in Colombia today, Tuesday, June 5, reached a historical figure | Economie

Today’s news is the historical record that marked The price of the dollar today in Colombia. $4,280 was traded. Expensive, according to experts Coincides with fears of a possible recession and lack of investor confidence in the US economyone of the most powerful on the planet.

“Why is there this fear of recession? First, because of large increases in the price level, and secondly, because of the price-raising measures in the banks and because of the deterioration that they may have on consumption and, in general, on the economy, leading us to a global recession,” explained Gregorio Gandini, an analyst financial.

In other wordsWhile the price of the dollar rises, more pesos must be taken to consume imported products or products that contain some ingredients that come from abroad, Something that reduces the purchasing power of Colombians.

“Let us understand that although exporters are always talked about as beneficiaries, It must be clarified that all citizens of Colombia consume goods and services that are affected in some way, directly or indirectly, by the exchange rate”, said Orlando Santiago Yacom, Fénix Valor analyst.

But it is not the dollar alone that reacts to this global problem, So was the price of oil. Brent reference to Colombia fell 10%Which is $103 a barrel.

in Colombia, Ecopetrol’s share was affected by a 7% drop in the stock market.

“The market is already taking the recession as a real thing. For a long time the market has been reluctant to consider this as something that could affect the economy, and the evidence is showing the market that this should be taken into account,” said Diego Franco, president of Inversiones Franco Capital Management.

Because of this scenario, The currencies of emerging economies are increasing in value. In countries like Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay and Colombia, investors are out of their capital waiting for financial tensions to ease.

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