The peso is among the emerging currencies that lost the most against the dollar today

The results of the presidential election, as well as the perception of global risks, have had a negative impact on the peso, as the dollar today costs $4,259.86, according to the current TRM.

At once, the price is rising more and more and is already over $4,300. During the day the average is $4,312.69 and the maximum is already at $4,335.

The devaluation of the Colombian peso, as well as some emerging currencies, has been associated with international risks. There is uncertainty about a possible global recession by 2023, interest rate increases by central banks to control inflation, and the movement of oil prices.

According to Bloomberg data, the five emerging currencies that have lost the most value against the dollar so far are the Hungarian forint (-3.10%), the Polish zloty (-1.74%), the South African rand (-1.58%), the Chilean peso (-1.33%), and the Turkish lira. (-1.32%). It is followed by the Colombian peso, which is down 1.25%.

Among the region’s currencies, the Mexican peso (-0.75%), the Brazilian real (-0.67%), the Peruvian sol (-0.36%) and the Argentine peso (-0.16%) are also losing value.

The price of the dollar in Colombia has recorded an upward trend since it became known that Gustavo Petro will be the president of Colombia in the next four years. Between June 19, the day of the presidential election, the value of the movement decreased by 9.1%.

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