How much is gasoline today in Puerto Rico?

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO) reported Thursday morning a drop of several cents in the price of gasoline, a cost not seen in several weeks.

According to the agency, the price of regular gasoline should range between 103.7 and 116.7, premium gasoline between 109.7 and 138.7, and diesel between 112.7 and 131.7.

These costs should be reflected in the gas stations that are refueled during the day of the day.

Gasoline price (Yasir)

Fuel prices rose due to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, which began at the end of last February, but after Tuesday’s collapse in the price of Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil due to fears of an economic recession, the cost of gasoline began. in order to fall.

This is the first time since May 11 that benchmark oil in the United States is trading at less than $100 as a result of a sharp fall that analysts link to the growing fear of a recession that could hurt demand for crude.

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