Flights to Miami: Flights from Argentina are almost full despite the exorbitant prices

MIMI. – It’s the first overseas destination. Always. Followed by Madrid, Barcelona and Rio. And although many quote their tickets for the upcoming holiday and give up because of the exorbitant prices, Flights to Miami are almost full. Intriguingly, their seat rates may have the most disparate values ​​in history: some passengers paid 40,000 pesos for their seats, while others paid 700,000. On the same flight, the latest pre-pandemic cost tickets are still mixed with existing tickets.

“Many of my passengers who leave in June and July travel with tickets they bought before the pandemic for 40,000 pesos, which may have changed last year. The airlines have been given until June 30 to issue tickets that they were unable to use because of the pandemic,” says Daniel Bodo, of Nilo. Viages.

The exact typography for each company varies slightly. American airlines, for example, Changes are allowed Until June 30 to fly throughout this year, while LATAM has extended the changeover period until the end of 2022.

But those who did not expect the holidays in advance, They have to pay 500,000 to 700,000 pesos for a direct flight. “Price is like a few times. Obviously, winter vacations are one of the most expensive because they are only 15 days, unlike summer where you have a wider margin. But they never reached the level they are at now. It’s embarrassing to spend the price. Prices are double: They paid nearly $3,000 for a ticket to Miami, or nearly $4,000 to Spain, as if it were a seat in business, says Victor Catania, managing partner of Ricale Viajes, one of the world’s largest wholesalers. market.

“Plus, there is no business place for Miami with any airline,” he adds. Unfortunately, there are many one-way tickets for people who left us. I’ve been on this for over 30 years, and have never seen it in my life. unbelievable”.

Regarding prices, Bodo says: “There are consultations, but When prices go above, people are afraid. You spend a ticket to Miami or Punta Cana for 500,000 pesos and they are amazed. There are no installment tickets abroad.”

Guido Boett, director of marketing for the travel services agency, adds that May was a month of calm in demand, but In June, there was a 20% increase in searches for flights and accommodations in MiamiMostly required by people between 50 and 60 years of age, with an average stay of 14 days.

The surge in demand occurred before the economic crisis that erupted in the country, after the resignation of Martin Guzman from the Ministry of Economy. Even the entire tourism sector is waiting for the measures that can be taken by the new Minister of Economy, Silvina Patakis, who previously declared that “the right to travel is incompatible with the creation of jobs.”

Why these prices? Content order mixed (passengers who have not traveled for two years), together lower frequencies. There are airlines that have left, and routes that have been lifted. Boeing and Airbus do not deliver the aircraft, causing a series of shortages. Finally, it also happens that most airlines have laid off employees and now people are lost to send or receive flights. Sometimes they have to cancel it.

Only American Airlines and Aerolineas Argentinas offer a direct connection to Miami. With stops, there are cheaper options in Copa, Avianca, LATAM or Boliviana de Aviación. Market players estimate that Argentina has about 75% of flights in 2019. Prices drop again in mid-August, when tickets average $1,200.

Cheap tickets with a bag included were also in the past. In general, there are three types of prices: without baggage, with one bag and two bags, except for the Boliviana de Aviación, which is always priced with two bags.

Car rental also comes with a post-pandemic effect. In Miami, as in the rest of the United States, values ​​have doubled. Whereas at the beginning of 2020, a week of buying a car in Toyota Corolla, for example, in Alamo or Avis, cost $ 250, today it costs twice as much. The reason: With the advent of Covid, companies came out to sell cars. When they wanted to replace them, there was not enough, and they are very expensive. Now the supply does not succeed in meeting the demand.

Miami is the most preferred foreign destination by Argentines

Inflation is the latest change in recent times. Those commuters who used to travel won’t find the same prices on any product, starting with gasoline, which averaged $2.40 a gallon at the end of 2019, and now costs twice that.

The demand for apartments is increasing versus hotels. Prices there haven’t gone up the same way, barely 20% compared to 2019. A studio apartment can cost $120, a bedroom $150 to $200, and a two-bedroom $250 to $300 a night. Argentines who choose to stay in an apartment do so not just for convenience. It’s also a way to lower meal prices.

The visa is another change in this new age of travel. The US Embassy gives appointments very late, and appointments for a year or more. Puddu, known as the “Travel Agent” on Twitter (Tweet embed), recommends his followers access the web to try to advance the appointment. “For those whose visa has expired and had to renew it, most are required to have their photos and fingerprints taken at CAS. If you are persistent, you can bring your appointment for this year, or even within the next 10 or 15 days, as some shifts are released, but you have to Intervening every now and then… for the new visas they give a turn for 2024, he confirms.

To enter the United States, you no longer need a Covid test, but you do need a full vaccination (two approved doses are sufficient). The second dose should be given at least 15 days before the flight. At Ezeiza Airport, you must fill out an affidavit.

Purchase in advance and flexibility of dates are requirements to make air cheaper. But you have to be careful in which portal you buy tickets.

“I live it every day. People go to non-local search engines like Kayak, eDreams or Expedia, and since they are not local, you get the price in pesos, because the machine does the conversion automatically. But the foreign page does not add the state tax, it does not add 65% They buy thinking that they pay 400,000 pesos, while someone exceeds them 600 thousand, and when the card reaches 65%. And the worst thing is that it is added to the total, while in Argentina a tax of 65% is imposed on the price and not on taxes, “explains Catania.

Since a credit card is a dollar or euro purchase, tax is applied to the total. “I receive a lot of passenger complaints, and the first question I ask is: ‘Which page did you buy on?’ “

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