3 of the best products to clean your car’s catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is one of the most important components of emissions control Of the polluting gases resulting from the combustion of engines. Catalysts convert carbon monoxideand hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and other engine exhaust emissions into less harmful compounds, so they don’t harm you or the environment.

This is why it is so important to keep the catalytic converter working properly and Knowing how to clean it can be very helpful.

There are currently many products that help you clean the catalytic converter, some more expensive than others, but not all work the same way and choosing the best one can be a difficult task.

So here we tell you three of the best products for cleaning your car’s catalytic converter

1.- Hard Lube

DURA LUBE Catalytic and Heavy Duty Exhaust Treatment is designed to treat your converter from oily toxins. The manufacturer says it helps clean your system, which means it will remove the buildup and contamination that causes the catalytic converter to lose efficiency, which can cost you energy and money, as well as pollute the air outside.

It also helps reduce phosphorous and zinc retention at the catalyst inlet, which can cause premature poisoning and catalytic converter failure. This should help clear the OBD P0420 error code, which is the code that tells you that the catalytic converter is not working and cleans as it should.

Hard Lube / Image: Amazon.

2.- catastrophic

Cataclean can eliminate carbon build-up in the catalytic converter. This is the type of contamination that can cause an engine to malfunction and won’t necessarily get rid of it even when other engine problems are fixed.

It can also fix drivability issues, because carbon can choke the converter and make it hard for the engine to breathe. Reduced airflow due to blockage increases pollution, damages energy and destroys fuel economy. Cataclean claims it can reduce hydrocarbon emissions by up to 50%, making your vehicle less polluting as it ages.

Cataclin / Image: Amazon.

3.- Welding catalytic converter cleaner

This fuel additive can help clean the interior of the catalytic converter, removing deposits that prevent it from working properly. If used as directed, it can also help clean the oxygen sensors, make sure they are reading correctly and prolong the time between necessary adjustments. On older engines, you could pour this directly into the carbs of the engine being run to make it run faster than it would dilute in your tank.

Solder it
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