Driver pulls man on hood for several feet in San Jacinto

The accident occurred on Venustiano Carranza Boulevard. What happened is still not clear, and users of social networks indicate that it may be a criminal act against the driver.

A video posted on social media shows the moment a sedan driver ran over a person and dragged him for several meters San Jacinto neighborhoodin San Salvador.

The event was recorded this afternoon on Venustiano Carranza Boulevard, very close to where a police station is located, according to Social Media User Complaint.

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The curvy driver tries to get rid of the guy. Illustrative, non-commercial image. screenshot

The video was recorded by another driver who was driving around the area. It is clear in the photos that the alleged victim is running in the direction of the dark-colored car, for a moment he loses focus, then it is noticed that the sedan is accelerating while carrying the man who was wearing a T-shirt and dark jeans on the hood.

The car continues to maneuver in a zigzag line trying to throw the man, then continues until he disappears from the camera. The person who recorded the video can be heard saying in amazement, “He took it.”

In social networks, some users warn that it may be a criminal act against the driver. There is also the version that before what happened there was a discussion.

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