Burger King in Puerto Rico has stopped serving straw

aware of its effect use of plastic In the environment, Burger King Puerto Rico has given way to start an effort to reduce it at its Puerto Rican restaurants. Since July 1, 2022, Straws will only be delivered if the guest requests it. Thus, Burger King joins the global strategy of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

As part of the adaptations to Burger King’s global strategy She changed her foam packaging for recyclables. Packages include breakfast plates and salads. It also eliminated the use of plastic bags.

Burger King Puerto Rico has also completed its menu cleanup by incorporating foods that are free of preservatives, colors or flavors from artificial sources. This is an essential part of its vision to provide fresh, natural food that contributes to a better quality of life and the health of the planet.

Thus, the Burger King chain of restaurants is paving the way to start a process that will reduce the use of plastic little by little. In this way, it showcases its values ​​that focus on doing good for the planet, the community and its guests, always committed to a better future.

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