19 parcels sent to Cuba disappear: the customer demands answers

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The same thing happened to Lianli as it happened to many customers waiting to receive parcels sent to Cuba. His lump disappeared and no one explained what had happened.

“On December 12, 2021, 19 parcels were sent to me from the United States, which arrived in Cuba on January 22 of this year in container SEFU 4216293. And after I saw that the parcel had not been delivered (in February), I began to communicate With phone numbers to pay attention to residents and I was never answered,” she commented in our newsroom.

According to his account, when he realized that he had achieved nothing, he went to Transcargo to file his complaint.

On April 21, she was treated. His package appeared in order and they assured him that “it was in stock and as soon as the carriage left for Mayabeque they would send it to me”.

As directed, call in the following days to find out the exact day his packages will be moved. They didn’t come to her either.

A month later, he obtained the contact details of residents’ aid workers. His package “appeared in the February 17 transfer deal”. They suggested that he go to the store in Mayabeque.

In the warehouses, all parcel entries for the year were shown. “My package does not appear in any of them. His records are well prepared, with the date, name and license plate of the person doing the delivery.” Cuban news.

A resident aid worker promised to check the warehouses herself and come back with an answer.

After several messages regarding the status of his parcel, they explained that “the parcel is not in the warehouse, and it did not appear, so a decision was made to compensate the person who sent it at the source.”

19 parcels sent to Cuba disappear

Yanelli is not satisfied with this answer. He plans to continue to complain.

“It is disrespectful that 19 parcels have been lost and they do not know how. Where are the bills, who received them and who stole them? Someone must be blaming him for such an act.”

The affected customer has proof of all the calls she made, as well as chats with the workers she came into contact with. You have sent copies to our page.

Despite the Cuban government’s apparent interest in solving the parcel problem, acts of corruption in shipping agencies and their penalties are rarely revealed.

Workers and directors are changed as if this were the solution to thefts and article alterations in parcels sent to Cuba.

In many cases, affected customers are not compensated. In other cases, like this, the solution does not satisfy Cubans who are waiting for products necessary for their life that they cannot get in Cuba.

An Aerovaradero customer received a check for 720 pesos last February for a missing package. What can anyone do with that amount of money today on the island?

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