The brewery starts using bottles made in the country

Santo Domingo, d.

The Dominican National Brewery launched a group of Over 10 million beers are bottled locally.

Dominican green bottle production entirely is now a reality, thanks to signed agreement between Cervecería Nacional Dominicana and the Dominican company Caribbean Glass Industry.

As a result of this agreement, the Revival of the domestic glass industry Resulting in the production of the first containers that meet high international quality standards and distinguish Dominican pride product: Cerveza Presidente.

after, after Several months of hard work And a detailed production test process, Cervecería launched its flagship brand of Creole bottles.

This achievement was achieved through a process that involved integrating collaborators from both companies, which validated, through 17 quality points, each of Technical specifications required by international standards From production to manufacture of these bottles.

Vice President of the Dominican National Brewery Luis Alvarez, Delivery of the first President’s beer in a purely Dominican bottle to Listín Diario manager, Miguel Franjol, During a visit to the media.

Suarez highlighted that “after months of challenge, It gives us great pride to be able to say that we already have beer on the market with bottles that are 100% produced. On Dominican land and in 100% Dominican hands.

This major achievement represents another step on the way to reaching the goal of gradually increasing the availability of the beloved Presidente beer in every corner of the country.”

He explained that the glass industry in the Caribbean is currently up 37.5% of daily bottle production targetFrom what he said, it would take a few months of effort glass factory It can produce the volumes of bottles that the current demand for beer requires, but it highlights the hard work and commitment of the team.

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