Rising gold prices spur Honduran miners

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The price of gold that has fluctuated in recent months $1800 and $1900 an ounce (31.1034768 grams), spurs artisanal miners who extract this mineral from the mountains McCulizzo, Santa Barbara.

some 70 Miners, who in 2018 began setting up the community Minas y Cuevas, when the ounce was listed on the international market between $1,200 and $1,400Now they are about to do a new export and get Fairmined certified in December, this ensures that it is traceable gold extracted with best practices.

We have done some exports to Germany. The last time we were able to send 500g. With the certification we will get, with the advice of ARM, we will sell at a better price.” Juan Ramon Ramos Marquezpresident and director Mines and caves.

For these miners, who do not use technology to detect veins, but rather shovels, axes and instinct, selling at a higher price is crucial and important, because they will be able to break even and get a profit that allows Minas y Cuevas to invest in technology.

Use mines and caves fifty% Of the economic income obtained from selling gold to cover administrative and operating expenses, and the other 50% is distributed to its partners, i.e. among the men who discover gold and dig tunnels to extract it.

The miners, who carried out this work secretly even before the founding of Minas y Cuevas, live in seven villages in Macuelizo and with the money they received covered the needs of 350 people.

Abner Carias, the Honduran coordinator for the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM, in English), who visited the mine last week, told Diario LA PRENSA that communities will benefit when Minas y Cuevas receive Fairmined certification “because they will be able to sell at a higher price compared to the paper market price.” Finance, with an additional premium of about $4,000 per kilogram exported.”

“This is the first community mining project in Honduras. In Central America there is nothing similar. ARM is supporting the company to advance in different areas: regulatory, environmental, processing and occupational health and safety and we are supporting them to obtain certification,” he said.

In 2012, the world price of gold fell to $1,240. From then until 2019, it’s remained under $1,500. Paulo Deras, who oversees 19 groups of miners spread over 10 hectares, believes that “good prices are a reward for the faith, patience and sacrifice of the work” they do.

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