iPhone 14: Everything that is known about the new mobile phone

Every year, as the release date of Apple mobile phones approaches, there are more and more rumors about its new features. As has been the tradition for some time now, the company with the apple muscle will present the new version of its flagship product at the keynote in September.

In 2022, the time will come to reveal the iPhone 14 to the world, a model that has been speculated to create a special whirlwind since the introduction of iOS 16, the operating system that will launch the new smartphone for the first time.

How many models of iPhone 14

The usual thing is for the Californian company to show four new models: the iPhone 14 mini (the successor to the iPhone 13 mini), the iPhone 14 (the successor to the iPhone 13), the iPhone 14 Pro (the successor to the iPhone 13 Pro) and the iPhone 14 Pro Max (the successor to the iPhone 13) of the iPhone 13 Pro Max).

However, some rumors confirm that Apple will be working on two large screen models and two standard screen models, which could jeopardize the existence of the mini version. This option wouldn’t be too unreasonable given that the iPhone mini 12 and 13 were not very well received.

According to The Elec, a well-known South Korean technology portal, the new iPhone 14 Max is likely to come in place of the iPhone 14 mini. So, on the one hand, we will have the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max (with 6.06 and 6.7 inch screens), and on the other hand, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max (with 6.06 and 6.06 inch perforated screens). 6.7 inches).

release day

Continuing with tradition, the logical thing is for the tech company to unveil its new smartphones in September. To be more precise, given that the ancient “keywords” took place on a Tuesday, it would probably have been the sixth or seventh, since the “keyword” is usually held at the end of summer (in the northern hemisphere) before the onset of fall.

If all goes like this, we expect the equipment to be already available on the market in the second two weeks of the ninth month of the year. However, the shortage of chips affecting the world may be taking its toll, in which case we will remain in limbo.


Based on the previous versions, it is possible to assume that the prices of the new iPhone 14 will remain in the range of the previous models, which range from $ 729 to $ 1599, depending on the model.

Of course, if the mini model disappears and a standard model is introduced instead, these prices may change.


According to the Applesfera portal, the iPhone 14 is already out of the design stage and will be in the early stages of manufacturing. Meanwhile, Apple ecosystem analyst Mark Gorman has predicted that one of the major changes to the front design of the phone will be the hole that the device will fit into the front camera, which will replace the notch that the iPhone has adopted for some time. Likewise, a new design for thinner bezels will be added that tries to make the user take full advantage of the screen.

Filtered “widths” by Jon Prosser shows a similar appearance to the iPhone 12, with slanted corners instead of rounded corners and a greater overall thickness of the tip. The triple camera module is also expected to become more integrated on the back, without a bump in the lenses, but with a larger size.


Although there isn’t much hardware information available yet, it appears the brand is still committed to Lightning. Although iPads already integrate USB Type-C, the iPhone 14 will continue with Apple’s own connector. It should be noted that other rumors confirm that the iPhone 14 will jump to USB Type C. We’ll only know for sure on the same day of the presentation.

The famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted months ago that the big changes will not come in the iPhone 14 but in the 15. However, he is one of those who ensure that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will increase significantly. The size of the main sensors of the cameras, finally, it will give up 12MP to reach 48MP with pixel binning technology and 8K video recording.

As for the processor, some say that Apple’s new workhorse could come with a 4nm chip. It will be an A16 Bionic processor, although it will be available exclusively for more advanced versions of the new iPhone.

One of the most loved and remembered technologies by iPhone users is also expected to make a comeback. We refer to Touch ID, but this time it will be integrated under the screen.

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