How to close all sessions at once

As far as instant messaging is concerned, the most popular mobile application in this field is without a doubt The WhatsAppWith more than two billion active users in the world they prefer it for its innovative tools that go beyond traditional text messages To complement the user experience with voice notes, photos and videos, The stickers stateAnd the emoji And much more.

But you can also access these resources from your computer or laptop, using a file PC version From this digital platform, which is known as WhatsApp Web To continue enjoying instant communication with all your contacts as soon as you log in to your computer thanks Multi-device mode.

When logging in on devices you don’t own or share, it’s a good idea to log out so that other people can’t access your conversations, but you can log out of all sessions at once. WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop To avoid the possibility of other people eavesdropping on your conversations, use your own single button Safety.

You can link multiple devices to WhatsApp using multi-device mode, but with this tool you can close all sessions. (Pixabay)

Although it is already possible to have several accounts linked to your main WhatsApp account on your cell phone, such that it is no longer necessary to connect it to the Internet, turn it on and even charge it, the privacy of users should not be neglected, since this practice feature will make things easier For many people, but the developers have been careful to implement a mechanism so that the owner can Exit all sessions to keep only the session you use on your cell phone.

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This is a very easy procedure, and to use the portal again on these devices once they are closed, you will simply have to rescan QR Code Like the first time you connected your smartphone to your computer to use it normally.

You can close all sessions on WhatsApp Web from your smartphone, either using the Android operating system or iOSas well as directly from the computer where you’re using it so you can hand the device over or leave it stored without worry.

If your cell phone is a file android device You can sign out of the original app by going to the settings menu using the three dots at the top of the app to select paired devices from the displayed list. There you will be able to see the currently active sessions, as well as the button to close all sessions with which you will be able to log out of your account.

On the other hand, if your phone is a file Iphonethen you have to go to Adjust in the application and press the button WhatsApp Web/Desktop To achieve the same instant effect and close all open sessions at once.

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But if you mainly use this platform on your PC and want to check the correct logout when you stop using it, you can also go to the WhatsApp Web portal to click on the icon with the three vertical dots at the top to open the menu and find you Cucumber to close sessionso you can log out safely so you don’t have to worry about other intruders checking your messages.

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