Elon Musk breaks his silence on Twitter with a picture with Pope Francis

American billionaire Elon Musk break his silence Twitter, The company he’s buying, and posted several photos on Saturday, including a picture of him next to Pope Francisco.

“We had the pleasure of meeting Pontifex yesterday” [viernes]He indicated in his tweet, in which he posted a photo in which he appears dressed in black to the right of the Pope, and four of his sons, elegantly dressed, surround the sovereign Pope on the left.

break the silence

The richest man in the world has eight children: six with Justin Musk in the 2000s, one of whom died weeks after his birth, and most recently, two with singer Grimes.

The Tesla and SpaceX chief did not specify the location or details of the meeting, and the Vatican did not report this private visit by the Pope.

Elon Musk He had not tweeted anything since June 21, when he considered that there were still “some outstanding issues” in his purchase project Twitter For 44 thousand million dollars, among them the “very important” issue of the number of fake users of the social network. (AFP)

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