A bright meteor lights up the sky over Puerto Rico

A new sighting of a bright meteor shower occurred at approximately 8:01 pm yesterday.

The Caribbean Astronomy Society (SAC) confirmed that it was an “Ophiuchid”, a meteorite that came from the constellation Ophiuchus.

The educational entity explained in written statements that the “Hofiat” is a slight meteor shower that will be recorded until today, Saturday.

SAC predicted that during this year 2022, many bright meteors will be visible because as part of our planet’s path, as it orbits the sun, the Earth will pass through regions with some particles somewhat larger than on other occasions.

In the case of the “Ophiuchids,” the organization captured several such bright meteors on June 18, as well as those that occurred on Friday night, July 1.

On the other hand, another bright meteor appeared from Puerto Rico on June 29, although on that occasion it was an intermittent meteor.

“We have to keep looking at the sky from time to time, because nature will give us another picture at any moment,” SAC concluded.

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