How to recover deleted chats from a blocked contact

.’s app The WhatsApp It is still one of the most popular platforms for messaging and sharing of photos, videos and files among Mexicans, on one occasion or another we have blocked a family member or friend and then wanted to see the deleted chat, if this is your situation and you want to recover this information, we tell you here how to do it.

When you block someone, all contacts with them are suspended, from calls and messages and even you won’t be able to see your last connection, nor the updates or statuses you share. If this is your case, we will tell you how to get it back without a headache.

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Recover chats, videos, photos and files from blocked numbers

First of all, you can check if they are not saved in the archive, where the conversations you want to delete are cached, so you just have to go to the archiver, search in the main drawer and enter “Archived conversationsIf you don’t find them there, you can search a file Google Backup From there you can access a secure copy.

How to make a Google backup?

These backups are easily protected and allow you not to lose a large amount of information that you need to work. But this can be done only if you have previously saved the material, through a relative and so on.

  • From the top left you will see 3 dots, you will enter “Settings“From there to”chat“then to”to supportThen save it to Google Drive.
  • Select the frequency at which the information will be saved
  • Select the account where the information will be saved
  • Then choose the type of network where the connection information will be saved

If you do not do this before blocking the person, the chances of recovering data and photos will be less and you will need a professional program to do this with an extension that modifies your account.

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